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Faculty of Education


                                                                    Centre Code - KD - 01

     Paper                                                                               Code             

                    I.     Teacher in Emerging Indian Society                                               01

                    II.   Development of learner and teaching learning process.            02

                    III.   Development of Education System in India.                               03

                    IV.   Essential of Educational Technology and Management.         04

    Paper V&VI 

    Methods of Teaching: 

                    I.   Physical Science                                                                                    08

                    II. Biological Science                                                                                 09

                    III. Mathematics                                                                                        10

                    IV. Social Science                                                                                       11

                    V. Language: Hindi, English, Sanskrit                                                  05

                    VI Commerce                                                                                              06

Practical B.Ed

                    I.   External  Assesment                                                                  150 Marks

       These 150 marks will be divided between the three examiners i.e. subject wise as:

                    I.   Two external examiners                                                           100 Marks

                    II.   One external examiners                                                          50 Marks

                    I.  Internal  Assement                                                                      50 Marks

       1)  Observation of 20 lessons(10 in each subject) of the peer groups and Block

              teaching(taking attendance, preparation of notice, fee receipts etc)  10 Marks

       2)  Preparation of Teaching Aids                                                              5 Marks

       3)  Ten Micro Teaching Lesson Plans                                                   10 Marks

       4)  Preparation and administration of achievement test (adopting Unit Plan, Unit tests

            & Blue prints)                                                                                          10 Marks

       3)  Two Projects Based on Action Research .                                      10 Marks