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        Paper I.  Philosophical and Sociological Foundation of Education           01         

                   II.  Psychological foundation of Education                                          02

                 III.  Methodology of Educational Research                                       03

        Paper  IV  & V

Area of Specialization (any Two of the following)

                    I.  Guidance and Counselling                                                         04

                    II. Teacher of Education                                                                 07

                    III. Educational Technology                                                          08

                    IV. Educational Measurement and Evaluation                       09

                    V. Environmental Education                                                         05

Practical M.Ed

                    I.   M.Ed. Dissertation will be of 100 Marks.                           150 Marks

                    Distribution of marks will be as follows:

                    I.   Internal Assessment                                                               50 Marks

      (Dissertation Evaluation & Observing lesson of B.Ed. students during their

      Practical    Teaching)

                   II.  External  Assessment                                                            50 Marks

       (25 marks of evaluation of Dissertation & Viva-Voce based on dissertation)