Registered Office :- The registered office of the trust will be located at B-47 , Sector- 51 , Noida , UP , and branch office at Pukharaya, Kanpur Dehat , UP or at such other place as the trustless may decided from time to time.
Area of Operation:-The area of the operation of the trust shall be global.
List of Trustees:-
S.No. Father's Name / Husband's Name Address Occupation Age
Sh. Vinod Kumar Katiyar Sh. Natthu Singh Katiyar A-10 / A , Sec- 24 Noida Service 35
Sh. Natthu Singh Katiyar Sh. Ghaseet Prasad A-10 / A , Sec- 24 Noida Farming 64
Smt. Pramila Singh Katiyar W/O Sh. Vinod Kumar Katiyar A-10 / A , Sec- 24 Noida FarmingProfession 34
Aim & Objectives:-Object of the trust shall be public charitable purposes and its income shall be applied or accumulated in india only for public charitable purpose not inconsistent with any of the provision of income Tax Act 1961 and any other statutory modification thereof and without prejudice to the generalitiy of the following shall be deemed to be the principal object:- (without any discrination of caste creed , creed, religious, Society or gender)
a) To establish , develop , maintain and grant aid in cash or in kind of hospital , medical School , medical college nursing institution , dispensaries , maternity home . child welfare center , teachers training institute and tudies and / or such other similar charitable institution in india for the benefit and use or the general public .
b)To establish run support and grant aid or other financial assistance to shool college reading room university , laboratories , research hostel for schedule cast shudiel triube & other track ward classes children /people and other institution of the like nature in india for use of student and staff and also for the development and advance of education diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.
c) To castblish maintain and run studentship , scholarship and render other kind of aid to including supply of books stipends medals and other incentives to study without any distinction as to case colour raoe creed on sex.
d)d) To promate establish support maintain or grant aid to institution for the promotion of science literature music drama and fine arts for the preservation of hisfcriot monuments and for the research and other institution in India having similar objects for the benefit of the public general.
e) To establish and develop institution for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retared person and to provide theme education food clothing or other help.
f) To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as fanine earthquake , flood fire pestilence etc and to give donations and other assistance of institution , establishment or person engaged in such relief work.
g) To construct , repair and manage the marghats, cemeteries and burial grounds.
h) To grant aid or render assistance to other public charitable trust of institution.
i) To do all such other thing and acts as are incidental or conductive to be deemed necessary for the attainment of the object of the trust and to do all public charitable. works as may so required including the help of government whether state or central.
j) To subscribe and to become member , to co-operative with any institution , to do all such other things and acts as are necessary for the attainment of the objects of the trust.
k) To merge or affiliate itself with any other institution establish for objective wholly similar to its own.
l) To acquire and / or take over and / or purchase and/or sell and/or lase and/or mortgage any moveable or immovable property properties and utilize the same for charitable purpose of the trust